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The Australian Muslim Public Affairs Committee was formed to act as an advocacy group for Australia’s growing Muslim community. Recognising the conspicuous absence of a Muslim voice in many areas of public life, AMPAC was formed to fill that void.

In doing so, AMPAC has the following goals and objectives:

1. Provide Islamic perspectives and views on issues that affect both the Muslim community and the greater Australian community;

2. Work with the media to present a positive and correct image of Islam in this country;

3. Provide representation to Muslims who are discriminated against in work, business, school or social life;

4. Coordinate grassroots activism in response to issues that affect the Muslim community in Australia;

5. Educate the media, private sector, government and general public on Islam and the Muslims;

Do You Need to Study for RSA Courses?

Do You Need to Study for RSA Courses?

When you are preparing to take RSA courses, you may be understandably curious about what to expect. These are courses that are required by the government for you to work in specific venues. In most cases, individuals who work in a venue where gambling or gaming activities are held must take these courses and earn a certification. Therefore, you must pass the course in order to continue to work in your current job or to start working in a new job that you have been hired for. 

Some people are curious how much time they will need to spend studying for the course. While you will need to pass an exam at the end of the RSA course Sydney – http://www.catch.nsw.edu.au/course/rsa/ in order to earn the certification, the courses are typically completed within one to two days. They are only a few hours in length total, and the courses are typically set up so that you can easily absorb the information and review the information in class before the test is administered. The majority of the people who focus and pay attention in their RSA courses will be able to pass the class and earn the certification with the first attempt. However, you should be aware that you will need to retake the course if you do not pass the exam.

While you may not need to study for your RSA courses, you will need to focus and pay attention during the class. The last thing you may want to do is to spend more of your free time taking RSA courses, so you want to do what it takes to pass your class on the first attempt. If you have been told that you need to earn this certification, it is best to sign up for your class early. While most people will not need to repeat the class, it is smart to allow yourself time to repeat the class if necessary.

Why Cheap Removalists Brisbane Are Worth the Money

Why Cheap Removalists Brisbane Are Worth the Money

When you are making plans to relocate to a new home, you essentially have two options available for moving your belongings. You can move all of your items on your own, or you can hire cheap removalists Brisbane to help you out. Some people want to save money by doing the work on their own. While it is true that there is a fee charged by removalists, the fact is that removalists are worth the money you will pay for their services. 

If you are like many others in the Brisbane area, you may have many items that you could easily load onto a truck yourself. However, there may also be at least a few items that you know you would have trouble with. You may have trouble getting them down the stairs or out the door on your own or even with a group of your best friends helping you. Cheap removalists Brisbane from www.fragileremovals.com.au/brisbane can assist you with all of your belongings regardless of how large, small, fragile or heavy they are. More than that, cheap removalists Brisbane will work hard until the work is done. Moving can be tiring work, and you may be easily get tired well before all of the work is done. Keep in mind that you will need to load and unload the truck, and you will also need to set up your furniture, plug in appliances and unpack boxes. Cheap removalists Brisbane can complete a large portion of this work for you, and you can save your time and energy to focus on the tasks that truly require your attention. 

Relocating to a new apartment or home can take a lot of time and energy, but you may not have time or energy available to spend on this task. Cheap removalists Brisbane simplify the entire process of relocating. If you are planning to relocate in the near future, set up an appointment with cheap removalists Brisbane for assistance on your moving day.

RCG Courses Sydney Can Depend On

RCG Courses Sydney Can Depend On

Completion of RCG Courses in Sydney

RCG courses in Sydney are important for people who want to work in pub or bar settings. If an individual takes RCG courses in Sydney successfully, he can earn an RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) certificate. This can make securing future employment significantly easier for him. The goal of RCG courses in Sydney is to teach students how to offer responsible gambling resources to customers. 

Gaming Employment

If someone wishes to go for a career as a secretary manager or hotelier, taking RCG courses in Sydney can be a very intelligent option. RCG courses in Sydney are suitable for any and all individuals who want to work in gaming environments. These courses teach students many diverse subjects. They cover the law as it pertains to gambling, for one. They cover the promotion of ethical gambling practices. They cover specific techniques that were introduced to encourage responsible gambling. They even cover prevention solutions that are beneficial for people who might have gambling problems — think addiction. The topics that RCG courses in Sydney cover don’t end with those, either.

RCG Course Advantages

There are many advantages to RCG courses. Not only do these courses make it easier for students to secure gambling-related positions, but they also help nurture positive gambling environments. They help foster moral settings where individuals can work and gamble. They help decrease the social dilemmas that are sometimes linked to gambling addiction and other troubles. 

Hospitality Careers

People who think they might want to pursue hospitality careers are excellent candidates for RCG courses. People who hold hospitality positions typically work not only in pubs or bars but also in clubs, hotels, dining establishments and casinos. Many different types of hospitality jobs are available out there. If a facility offers gambling services, its staff members require RCG course training, plain and simple. If a facility is equipped with games such as Keno and pokies, then it offers gambling services.

Ample Choices

People who are looking for quality RCG training in and around Sydney have an abundance of respectable choices accessible to them. They can choose between several traditional RCG courses, for example. They can also choose between numerous online course options. People who have busy and hectic schedules might want to consider the flexibility of Internet RCG courses Sydney at www.catch.nsw.edu.au/course/rcg.